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What is Silica Gel?

What is silicone gel? Plastic? Because the Chinese name of the silicone inside a rubber word, looks like a plastic, rubber, latex, so many people do not know what silicone gel in the end. And more people mistakenly believe that silicone is a plastic! And silicone gloves is mistaken as a latex rubber gloves! This is June Fei cream, big injustice ah!
Silicone that is not plastic, not milk rubber, it is not plastic. Plastic is a petroleum product that is extracted from petroleum. Dairy rubber is divided into natural, synthetic and artificial three, so it may be a natural extract, it may be a chemical composition.

So what is silicone? Silica comes from natural substances, the main component of silicon dioxide (SiO2), a crystal, quartz, sand in the natural ingredients. And ceramics, glass has a deep kinship, is a soft ceramic, is a soft glass! Chemical stability, not with alkali, strong acid reaction of any material outside. Properties soft, insulation, temperature, temperature -40 degrees to 230 degrees, good maintenance, good protection performance. Plasticity, there is a very broad space for creativity. High recovery rate of waste products, abandoned in the natural environment does not release toxic substances, the environment does not cause harm.

Therefore, the production of most of the products Coteli silicone, of course, there are plastic, TPU and other materials! Ketai Li silicone products through a variety of safety monitoring, non-toxic odor-free, high temperature, mildew, cold anti-aging, easy admission, easy to clean, environmentally friendly insulation products is the first choice!