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Silicone daily life supplies you know what?

Speaking of silicone products, you will think of what? In daily life, common silicone products are silicone kitchen utensils, remote control silicone keypad, ah, ah mobile phone protective cover. In fact, there are silicone products in other places have a number of purposes; such as the recent beverage brands in Japan to thank the support of the drinkers to actresses silicone lips for the gifts, the reputation of its saying: Let you with the well-known actress " Fang Ze "! Silicone false lips set in the beverage bottle mouth, every drink, like in the other side" play kiss. " May be because the soft texture of the silicone lips, the total gives a secret or Xiangyan feeling. In fact, silicone products in the market has become increasingly widespread use of the product, as silica gel does not dissolve in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, chemical stability, high adsorption performance, good thermal stability advantages for tableware, Kitchenware is the most suitable. Non-toxic and tasteless, soft and moist characteristics to change its public image - most of them can be made into silicone kitchen utensils or silicone daily life products, people think it is close to the "virtuous."
Silicone products look slightly thin, in fact, it is quite robust, -60 ℃ to 260 ℃ environment it can easily cope. Because the silicone material does not contain any metal elements, so it can not only heat the fire on the water can also be used in the microwave oven. Tell you is: silicone or a recyclable environmental protection materials, for other materials, tableware, it also has a special feature: soft. So it is difficult to convince people that it can become a variety of utensils. Silicone products, lovely cartoon image, beautiful color, very beautiful, high temperature, can effectively prevent heat, to prevent scalding your hand, micro-injection process, do not fade, do not fall off, can effectively slip, the best customer gift silicone gift .