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Mobile phone with a protective sleeve it necessary?

With the accelerated development of science and technology, mobile phones is the core of modern technology products! The popularity of mobile phones to bring us a lot of convenience, we regard the phone as their baby, like nature and ultimately, mobile phone protective cover! Large and small mobile phone market, from the previous PHS, and now smart phone users like mobile phone with protective cover! Because mobile phone sets not only to protect the phone, but also to decorate their love machine, people have a unique kind of experience! Some people say that mobile phones do not need to bring mobile phone sets, here, Cattelli as a mobile phone manufacturers are very serious and responsible for your universal coverage of the importance of wearing mobile phone!
Radiation is not unfamiliar to everyone, especially the regular contact with the crowd of electronic products, I believe we all understand the mobile phone radiation, mobile phone radiation is passed through the phone's electromagnetic waves, for regular contact with mobile phone radiation will have a huge health population The threat! Leading to cognitive decline, memory loss, but also easily lead to irritability, irritability and other symptoms! Although the phone can not be completely isolated protective cover mobile phone radiation, but more or less reduce the harm of mobile phone radiation on the human body, the use of mobile phones must be accompanied by mobile phone protective cover! (You can also see: cell phone case can be radiation protection?)
For young people to wear mobile phone protective cover is necessary because young people use mobile phones than other age groups to use longer and like the phone casually misplacing, more easily lead to cell phone wear and tear, all have a mobile phone protection she not only can enhance More fashionable sense of security to protect the phone!
Mobile phone protective cover is divided into silica gel, plastic, leather, tpu, glass, cloth thick and so on! At present, most users of silicone mobile phone sets! Mobile phone protective cover to prevent cell phone scratches the surface, a protective screen and the role of the button! And can effectively prevent mobile phone screen fragmentation!