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Mobile phone silicone sleeve What are the advantages?

The weather is getting cold friends, ladies and gentlemen, remember to dress, warm good! Or cold to slightly today Xiaobian chat with you about the advantages of mobile phone silicone sleeve, I believe many of my friends in the purchase of mobile phone sets when only way surface preferences and prices to decide to buy those sets of mobile phones, while ignoring the Some basic knowledge of materials. We do not underestimate the basic knowledge of these sets of mobile phones, cell phone sets will be a bad negative impact on the phone, just as we wear short-sleeved summer, winter wear cotton-padded jacket is the same reason, and our beloved phone to When with what kind of mobile phone sets is also very particular about, then as long as we are familiar with the mobile phone sets of knowledge will naturally know what the circumstances of what materials mobile phone sets.
The advantages of mobile phone silicone sleeve:
1. Very soft, comfortable feel: This is most like mobile phone silicone sets of friends a favorite point.
2. Strong protection: good elasticity of silicone, for the shock and fall have a good buffer, can well protect the phone.
3. Use a long period: anti-UV, high temperature, and not easy to deformation, can use a longer time.
4. Insulation is good, safety: Silicone is an insulator, so for mobile phone users who are relatively safe.

5. Colorful: mobile phone silicone sleeve can be very rich in color, often made into a cartoon design.

I believe we have seen more than the advantages and disadvantages of the above comparison to know what circumstances to use mobile phone silicone sleeve better, Xiaobian suggested that we are in the spring and winter to bring mobile phone silicone sleeve is better.