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Mobile phone protection sleeve can radiation it?

In today's era of advanced mobile devices, radiation is facing our most troublesome problem, especially the phone! For those who resistance is weak, pregnant women and children are not recommended for long-term contact with the phone! But in some special time we can not do without cell phone! Mobile radiation how to deal with? Currently on the market there have been many special materials made of mobile phone protective cover used to shield radiation!
According to the working principle of the radiation protection phone cover, if the material can completely shield the signal, in this case, the mobile phone on the front of the human body radiation is completely shielded, if the mobile phone protective cover single-sided anti- Radiation material custom, so close to the radiation side of the material, can be a significant reflection and reduce the radiation intensity will not interfere with the signal. Currently on the market has begun to have such mature products.
Mobile communication process will appear two kinds of electromagnetic waves, one is the base station with the signal transmission between mobile phones, this electromagnetic waves can be described as the sky is, the defense also can not prevent, and because the strength of the relationship, as long as the use of mobile phones , This electromagnetic wave harm to the human body is negligible.
The other is as electronic products, mobile phones to support their various components of the operation of electromagnetic waves, just like refrigerators and other such appliances, even if not communication will produce electromagnetic waves, and the electromagnetic wave with the human body distance Is the most recent, need to pay attention to prevention.
The emergence of smart phones to our lives has brought a lot of convenience, the corresponding mobile phone protection is to give us better use of mobile phones and design. Mobile phones make a lot of impossible and things become a reality, but the phone's electromagnetic waves will virtually have some damage to our body, which is inevitable, the production of electromagnetic shielding to prevent cell phone sets, can reduce the phone's electromagnetic wave The body of injury, which will undoubtedly become a major trend in the design of mobile phone cover.